Shopify App Install Goal Tracking on Google Analytics

How to Track Shopify App Store Installs as Events and Goals in Google Analytics

Shopify did something wonderful for you. They made your “Add App” button, on your Shopify App Store landing page, an “Event” so you can track it as a Goal in Google Analytics. Since you don’t have access to the Shopify App store code, this makes it super easy for you to still track your Shopify App installs as Goals. This will open a world of information about the people who install your Shopify App.

Before getting started, you should note that Shopify App install Event and Goal tracking must be setup on your Shopify Google Analytics account, not your website analytics account. Of course, this article assumes you have Google Analytics setup for Shopify. But, if you don’t here’s a quick tutorial.

Step 1: Go the Your Shopify App Store Page

Visit your app’s landing page on the Shopify App Store. It should look something like:

Step 2: Inspect your Add App button as an element

If you’re using Chrome, right click your purple “Add App” button and inspect element. This also works on Safari.

Step 3: Look for the Event tracking data in the source code.

In the source code you will see “event” tracking data that you can easily copy and paste. It should include the Event Category, Action, and Label.

Shopify App Store Install Tracking

Step 4: Add Event tracking data as a Goal in Google Analytics and Verify

Give your Event a name like “App Installs”, select event and fill out the fields as shown in the image. Then click “Verify” to see if it’s working. Hopefully you see the “0% conversion rate” change to something above “0”. That should tell you it’s working, unless nobody has yet clicked “Add App” yet on your landing page.

Shopify app store event and goal tracking

Step 5: Save your Goal

Click the blue “Save” button and you are all set.

Step 6: Start tracking users who install your app.

This is the exciting part. You can now isolate people who click “Add App” and learn everything about their history like what website they came from, what they search for in the Shopify App Store, where they live, and so much more.

In all…

Your success is Shopify’s success. They want to make it as easy as possible to learn everything you can about the people who install your Shopify App. The more you understand about your successful customers to easier it will be to repeat that success, over-and-over. That’s why I’m a big fan of using Shopify. Good luck!