Interviews, Media and Podcasts

Here are some of my personal favorites.

His SaaS Business Was Bringing in $40k a Month When He Decided to Sell. Here’s Why.
SureSwift Capital (February 2019)

Nathan Latka Interviews Marvin Russell (Podcast)
Would You Compete In a Super Fragmented Space like Checklists Apps?

ScaleTalk 003 – Marvin Russell, CEO of
The Sean and Thomas Show (February 2019)

ADHD Growing Up Hyperactive w/ Checklist Master & Millionaire Marvin Russell
Faster Than Normal Podcast (January 2019)

Building a Tool to Help Me Focus, and How It Became My Third Business
Indie Hackers Interview (January 2019)

How Bad Do You Want It?
Podcast Interview by Hack the Entrepreneur

How To Launch A Billion-Dollar Business From A Lakeview Cafe, Explained
Interviewed by DNA Info

Smart sellers embrace smartphones
Interviewed by Crain’s Chicago Business

Why a serial entrepreneur is taking on checklists as his next big thing
Interviewed by Builtin Chicago

Publicly Share Your Checklists on a Medium-Like Site
Interviewed by Website Magazine

7 Deadly Web Design Sins
Interviewed by Inc Magazine