How much do I charge?

Hire me for my success and experience.

While each project presents unique challenges, costs and strategies, the below prices are examples of the services I provide and the fees I charge.

Website / Web App Audit: $5,000

I provide a thorough analysis and list of recommendations of the design, copy, SEO, content marketing, conversion, onboarding, and more.

SEO Audit: $5,000

I provide an in-depth analysis and list of recommendations related to the SEO of your website or web app including: on-page technical analysis, keyword analysis, content marketing strategy, analytics review, off-site link earning strategy, and more.

Web App Design / Development: $20,000+

My team and I will use my experience and past SaaS success to strategically design, create copy, and develop your web app. You will be exposed to valuable insight and information, otherwise only available to successful SaaS founders.

WordPress Design and Development: $5,000+

I will design, develop, create copy for, and develop a lead generation and conversion strategy using the WordPress platform. You will benefit from my experience and success running a digital marketing agency, and several success SaaS websites and web apps.