I’m a digital marketing consultant for hire, and a serial entrepreneur looking for new projects.


Checkli.com is useful and brilliantly simple. It's a great idea. I already shared the link and sent out an email blast. Well done.

~ Sean D.

A brief look at three of my companies

Since 2003 I have started a few companies with various partners. Below are three current and new ventures.

Checkli is a free checklist maker for everyone. Be more productive by making checklists for everything.


MySiteAuditor is a lead generating website analysis tool that SEO companies can white-label and embed on their site to increase leads and sales.

The Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency is a boutique digital marketing agency in Chicago, Illinois. Established in 2003.

My Bio

I help improve the performance of websites. I also make online tools that make life a little easier.

I help the world go around by making things simple. Whether I’m developing an online tool or redesigning a website, my job is to drive targeted traffic and convert visitors into paying members, customers, or clients.

I started off selling Kirby Vacuum cleaners door-to-door in Bloomington Illinois. In my first two hours on the job I made $600, which was huge for a 19 year old kid. In fact, i sold so many Kirby Vacuums that they gave me a partial scholarship to Illinois State University. I was immediately hooked on sales.

I graduated from Illinois State University in 2003, moved to Chicago, and took my first corporate job with CareeBuilder.com. I was one of about 30 people in the entire company. After 6 months of being the top salesman, a huge promotion, and more money than I’d ever seen in my life, I happily resigned to start an online business. In college I dabbled in web design and new there was a huge growing market for it. In October of 2003, I opened The Ocean Agency, a boutique digital marketing firm that generated 7 figures per year. For the last 10 years I’ve helped small business, start-ups, and some of the biggest brands in the world such as Walgreens, Consumers Digest, CareerBuilder, General Mills, and Toyota design and develop websites, create and execute SEO strategies, and increase conversions on their websites. I’ve developed successful mobile strategies, designed and developed web applications, plus I’ve recruited and hired talent from all over the world.

The success of The Ocean Agency has allowed me to start several business ventures including tudli.com, and seogroup.com.

People hire me for my 15+ years of digital marketing experience and strategy. Most importantly, people hire me because I’ve generated millions of dollars online and they want to utilize my knowledge and expertise. But, I must warn you that I am brutally truthful. I won’t sugar coat the work that lies ahead. I’ll create a clear road map to your online goals and help you guide you every step of the way.

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My Bio

I just wanted to shoot over a quick email and say how great your new product looks and feels. SEOGroup.com was a brilliant idea, and I know I’m going to get a subscription for my site.

Thanks for building Quality.

Testimonial 1
~ Mike B.
Chief Marketing Technologist

My Expertise

My digital marketing expertise includes web design and strategy, SEO, conversion optimization, and social media marketing.
  • SEO: I study and blog about Google regularly. Over the last 10+ years I’ve successfully ranked 100′s of web pages on page #1 on Google through strategic and ethical optimization.
  • Web Design: 90% of successful web design is content strategy and usability. If we work together, please expect to spend only 10% of my time on creativity.
  • Conversion Optimization: Web design is not an exact science. So, I perform A/B and multivariant testing to constantly increase conversions and revenue from your site.
  • PPC/Adwords: My clients hire me to manage their PPC campaign because they don’t want to waste time or money. I’m hired because my experience allows me to your lower CPC while increasing conversions.
  • Growth Hacking: Let me implement innovative marketing techniques that encourage and drive your target audience to share your content, products or services for you.
  • Communication: I firmly believe that on the web, it’s not who has the best service or product; it’s who communicates it the best. ~ Lee iacocca
  • WordPress: I know WordPress about as well as I know the back of my hand. It’s the perfect CMS for 80% of websites today. It’s scalability, supported community, and plugins allow this to be the strongest, most cost effective, and timely website development platform on the planet.
  • Email Marketing: I’ve collected 100,000′s of email addresses through strategic but ethical email marketing techniques. I will develop trust and excitement in order to gain and retain customers and followers through a strategic email marketing campaign.
  • Content Strategy  Building a website without a solid content strategy is a waste of time. Whether I help develop your website or execute your digital marketing campaign, I will spend 90% of my time help you develop quality content that is sharable, informative and readable online.

I just wanted to shoot over a quick email and say how great your new product looks and feels. SEOGroup.com was a brilliant idea, and I know I’m going to get a subscription for my site.

Thanks for building Quality.

Testimonial 1
~ Mike B.
Chief Marketing Technologist

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Tel: 773.614.7737