SaaS Marketing and Growth Consultant

After scaling my SaaS  to over 20 languages around the world I exited with a large 7-figure acquisition. Now I’m helping other B2B SaaS companies and online businesses achieve the same growth and success.

Marvin Russell SaaS Growth Consultant

SaaS growth and Marketing Services

I’ve spent the last 20 years mastering SaaS growth and online marketing for clients and for myself. Here are some of the services I excel at but honestly there is so much more. Let’s talk so I can learn about your SaaS and your goals and then we’ll see if it make sense for us to work together. 

Trial Generation

I’ve developed growth marketing strategies that drive 100’s of qualified trials a day to individual SaaS products. Let me do the same for you.


Let me audit your entire new trial onboarding experience and help you apply proven onboarding methods that instantly engage and commit new trials to becoming to paid users,

Paid User Acquisition

I’ll develop a proven plan that will convert trials into paid users. I’ve done this for countless other SaaS companies. I’ll even walk you through the steps before you hire me. 

Analytics Strategy

I’ll help you  make better growth decisions by setting up and helping you understand how your SaaS should use Google Analytics vs Product Analytics Tools like Amplitude and Mixpanel. 

Content Strategy

My content strategies have generated millions (literally) of leads for the SaaS companies I’ve worked on.  Just ask me about it and I will prove it to you. Let me help you develop a content strategy that does the same.

Churn Reduction

Are too many customer canceling their subscriptions? There’s a reason for that. Let me help you find the reason and stop the leaks. I have the tools, the process and the experience to reduce churn and win back customers.

Growth Hacking

What low-cost and creative strategies can we develop that will move the growth needle? I’ve developed partnerships, free tools, content upgrades, creative referral programs and more. 


Hundreds of  thousands of SEO professionals in 20 languages around the world have used my SaaS to help them audit web pages and rank higher in Google. I’ll put my SEO skills against anyone in the SEO biz. 

Social Media

I’ll audit your social media presence, pick the right platforms, and take down the ones that are wasting your time and resources. When we talk, ask me for a few examples. Happy to share!

Data Driven Growth

Make data driven decisions that move the growth needle. I’ll will help you pick and build the data tech stack that will help you understand your user behaviors including the entire customer journey.

Paid Media Strategy

Ask me about the time I double conversions and cut paid media budget in half, over night. True story. I’ve done this a lot, from Google Ads, to Twitter to Review sites like Capterra and G2.

Exit Strategy

Two of my successful companies have been acquired. If you want to exit your SaaS, I know the process, how to prepare you, and who to work with. Don’t hire lawyers or brokers (yet), hire me first so I can save you time and a lot of money!

Tell me about your SaaS...

Introduce me to your SaaS. Let’s talk about your challenges and goal for the business. If it makes sense, maybe we can work together!