I’m Marvin, Growth Hacker and Marketer for SaaS Companies.

The growth and global success of my first SaaS lead 7-figure acquisition. Now I’m helping B2B SaaS companies and startups achieve the same growth and success.

SEO Consultant for Saas, Startups and Small businesses

Here are 3 ways I can help your SaaS

My speciality is deep diving into web app or marketing site, and executing a plan that will mov the growth needle.

Conversion Optimization

More trials. More paid sign ups. More online leads and more online sales. That’s what I’ve done and that’s what I’m extremely good at. 

Driving Targeted Traffic

The last project I worked on gets over 100,000 users a month to the website and marketing app. I can show you the analytics before you hire me.

Exit Strategy

After 2 startups and 2 successful exits, I decided to share my exit strategy and experience with other SaaS founders considering their first exit.