I launched this SaaS in 2014 and within months, thousands of SEO agencies, freelancers, and digital marketing agencies in 20 languages around the world were using MySiteAuditor to provide SEO audits, optimize client websites, and to generate more leads and sales from their website.

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  • $40,000 MRR and 12% M-O-M growth
  • Global expansion to 20 languages
  • 850,000 leads generated for SEO and digital marketing agencies
  • 1 million websites audited
  • Developed a 50+ signal SEO audit algorithm
  • 10,000+ shares on various blog posts
  • 90,000 sign ups, members, and trials

Global Expansion

My developer and I executed a method to quickly scale and provide MySiteAuditor all over the world. Within months of our multilingual development strategy, MySiteAuditor became a globally recognized SaaS in the SEO space, available in 20 languages around the world.


I developed and executed an SEO campaign that outranked all other SEO companies and competitors for globally popular keywords like “free SEO audit”, “SEO audit”, “website audit” and hundreds more. All traffic, leads, sales, and MySiteAuditor members were developed organically and led to 35,000 monthly visitors from Google.


I designed, developed and A/B tested various lead generation forms in over 20 languages, which has led to over 850,000 leads generated, and helped our most successful members obtain up to 30% conversion rates.


With in 24 months of launch, the popularity and success of MySiteAuditor reached a monthly reoccurring revenue (MRR) of 12%, 86% YoY, and client growth of 61% YoY.


24 months after the launch and success of MySiteAuditor, we became a target for acquisition. We secured FE International to broker a deal where we worked diligently to prepare MySiteAuditor for an acquisition. In 2016, following 2-3 weeks on the global acquisition market, MySiteAuditor was acquired for well over 7-figures by SureSwift Capital.