Work Experience

SureSwift Capital
Portfolio Director: 2018-current

As Portfolio Director for SureSwift Capital, I am responsible for all revenue and growth across our largest portfolio of SaaS businesses. I often get my hands dirty when needed but most of my time is spent coaching, leading and advising our product, marketing, and customer teams on scalable revenue growth within the entire customer journey.

SureSwift Capital

Founder: 2016-current

I’m obsessed with the power of checklists, so I launched Checkli, a web and mobile app that helps people all over the world easily make, share, and find checklists. Currently, 2.5 million business processes and checklists have been made from 300K sign ups.

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Founder: 2014-2016 (Acquired)

I founded MySiteAuditor in 2014, a lead generating website audit tool for SEO and digital marketing agencies. Currently we’ve generate 780,000 leads for SEO agencies and freelancers in 20 languages around the world.

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The Ocean Agency
Managing Partner: 2003-2016 (Acquired)

I’m the founder and former CEO of The Ocean Agency, a boutique, digital marketing agency in Chicago. After 10 years of steady growth and success, Ocean was successfully acquired by Logical Media Group out of Chicago, Illinois, in 2014.

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