Sample Content Writer Job Description PDF

Sample Content Writer Job Description

Unfortunately, it’s fairly easy for anyone to claim they are a content writer. For that reason, I’m extremely cautious and thoughtful about the way I communicate the requirements for the job. Learning to vet qualified job applicants starts the moment you begin writing the job ad.

Personally, I’ve hired about 30-40 content writers over the past few years, from all over the world. Below is a sample job description I use when hiring new content writers.

Free to download and use.
Feel free to copy and paste the below and use it for your next job ad for content writers. You can also download the free PDF and Word Doc as well.

Free Sample Word Doc Job Description for Copy Writers
Free Download: Sample Content Writer Job Description
Sample Content Writer Job Description
Free Download: Sample Content Writer Job Description PDF

Job Title

Content Writer

Job Description

We need you to help grow our brand, generate leads, and establish our company as thought-leader in the industry. You will do this by writing and creating valuable content on our website, blog and other content platforms.


When submitting your sample work, we’ll be look at the follow criteria:

Links to Live Work
We’d like to see a published work online that is accessible through a standard web address. Please do not submit writing samples in the form of Word Docs and PDFs.

Visual Posts
We don’t expect you to be a graphic designer, but we’re are looking for someone who know how to use screenshots, arrows, circles, graphics, and more in their posts.

Broken Up Content
We’d like to see how you break up your content with headings, bullets, bolded words, and more. We like to avoid long blocky paragraphs readers who like to skim.

Longer Content
Longer content tends to perform better in search engines. We’d to see examples of long form content between or exceeding 1,000-2,000 words.

Using citations is a sign of well-researched content, and that you truly value and respect your audience. While not mandatory, we will look for citations while reviewing your work.

Other Qualifications

  • Regular communication is a top priority
  • 2-3+ years of WordPress and basic HTML experience
  • Understanding of SEO
  • Trade School or College is always a plus

To apply, please submit the below

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • 2-3 samples of content that you’ve created